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Welcome to the LaVille Third Grade site!

Welcome to a new and exciting school year in the third grade! It is our goal to develop a climate for learning and to be a small part in setting the stage for a lifetime of thirsting for knowledge and being motivated to learn new things. We hope to cultivate further your child’s sense of self-worth within an environment of joy, firmness, and fairness. If a child feels important and knows one’s expectations of him or her, he/she is happy. Then there is no limit to learning. Opportunities will be offered for each child to grow in responsibility, organization, maturity, critical thinking skills and knowledge. Let’s work hard together to make this the best year possible! 

Curriculum & Assessment Programs:

  • Reading: Savvas & RAZ Kids
  • Math: Ready Math
  • Social Studies: Studies Weekly
  • Science: Mystery Science
  • All Subjects: i-Ready & IXL
We will be working on the letters: Oo, Cc, Aa, Nn, Mm, Ii, Gg, Tt, Ss, Ee, and Learning: How to form them correctly, how to compare them to other letters, and learning the sound each letter makes.
When we are learning words, we need to be able to read, write and use these words..  
Words to know this Quarter: 
I   a  can  am  go   to   see   is   in

Working with numbers 0-10, practice recognizing, counting to, and writing each number!

COUNT, COUNT, COUNT….  whenever you can!
Create patterns: blue, red, blue, red
                         book, apple, book, apple

Each week your child will have a packet of homework to complete. The packet will come home on Monday and will be need to be turned back in by Friday (or the last school day of the week.) The packet might contain letter work practice, sight word review, word families, math skills we are currently working on, or any other skills that have been taught. 

After Fall Break, reading bag books will be sent home. Your child is to read the book(s) to an adult every night and then return the book(s) the next day so they can new one(s). Reading bag books do not come home on Fridays. 


Miss Wise

Mrs. Remble

Mr. Mickelson

Mrs. Eash